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Feb 23, 2021

W*** S** Ltd, has been importing, manufacturing and supplying Cleaning, Matting and Flooring related products that promote safety, hygiene and also provide the opportunity of marketing brands since 2005. W*** S** Ltd is a Zimbabwean registered business licensed to conduct business in the manufacture and distribution of both commercial and industrial Matting/Flooring, Cleaning Chemicals and Cleaning Equipment.

Mr.Bright,the sales representatives who comes to China for purchases twice a year, he is the higher-up partner for more than 13 years.

The color separation management cleaning system, sometimes called the color recognition cleaning system, is an advanced cleaning management concept, which is mainly used in the cleaning of public areas. It is a concept that has been widely used in various industries in recent years. As an intuitive identification system, it uses different colors to limit the environment and area of application of a certain item to achieve the purpose of better differentiation and management.

The color, no matter what purpose it is used for, is a universal language in itself, which can be recognized by anyone using any language. Applying color to the cleaning system will break down any language and communication barriers that may exist. This is very important because it eliminates a certain degree of uncertainty and keeps the cleaning work of the entire team in harmony.

The color classification is a more intuitive recognition system. Clean color separation management is to specify the use of fixed color tools for specific tasks or areas. It helps the operator to immediately select the appropriate tools to clean different areas. It is never allowed to mix different areas. Set of cleaning tools to avoid cross-infection of bacteria through cleaning tools.

Bright mainly supplies related cleaning products to hospitals in Zimbabwe and is located in Harare, the capital. In the beginning of the cooperation, he and the engineer of Gaogao Cleaning Products (hereinafter referred to as YG) discussed the problems that his team encountered in the hospital property management system at the time, especially the problem of damage caused by disinfectant and color fading. . The hospitals they supply are not uniformly classified in terms of cleaning management.

In order to find a suitable solution, Bright and YG conducted a week-long trial of four colors to test whether this new mop can improve efficiency and quality in several areas of the hospital.

"We are very satisfied with the higher recommended mop," Bright said after the trial. "It's the functional distinction we used before, and it's cheap and good-quality."

Taking the hospital as an example, different colors can be used in different areas to prevent mixing. At the same time, cleaning staff can better perform disinfection and cleaning of cleaning tools after use according to different colors, and organize and save tools. The advantages of classification are explained as follows:

1. Can quickly select cleaning tools for different cleaning areas;

2. It is convenient to help overcome language barriers and train operators to use appropriate cleaning tools;

3. It is convenient to supervise whether the operator uses the cleaning tools correctly;

4. Better complete the cleaning work and prevent the risk of bacterial cross-infection;

5. Facilitate the use of appropriate cleaning agents in different areas;

6. Manage storage effectively and scientifically.

In the field of professional cleaning, one of the fundamentals of color coding recognition is to control infection and prevent cross-contamination between different departments and scrubbing tools.

The trial participants from the Zimbabwe Hospital also praised other features, including the extra-long 1.5M length of the mop bar, and the hardness of the mop bar is also more convenient to use.

The medical and health departments have always had the highest requirements for cleaning due to the particularity of their industry. Major hospitals have corresponding regulations to strictly manage the use, cleaning, and disinfection of cleaning appliances to reduce the risk of cross-infection from the cleaning process.

The red mop is used to clean the floors of hospital wards, consultation rooms, treatment rooms, operating rooms, and dirt rooms.

The yellow mop is used to clean the floor of the toilet and bathroom.

The blue mop is used to clean non-sensitive areas in wards and disposal rooms, as well as to clean waiting areas, aisles, stairs and other public areas; the blue mop is used to clean the ground in public areas.

The green cleaning mop is used to clean the office area and general areas of the hospital, including food processing areas such as dining rooms and kitchens.
Bright concluded by saying: "It is our constant pursuit to make customers satisfied."

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