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Feb 23, 2021

Customer overview:

Who are CSP?

They are one of the main manufacturing and distribution wholesalers of stationery and office supplies on the European continent, with presence in Spain, Portugal an France. They manufacture under their own brand, Liderpapel, and they boast the exclusive distribution rights of internationally renowned brands.

CSP in figures
More than 60 years building trust in the stationery and office sector.
More than 340 employees.
More than 15,000 products available.
More than 30,000 m² of manufacturing, storage and marketing facilities.
4 large logistics centres in Málaga, Guadalajara (Spain), Caudebec and Lyon (France) with automated warehouses that guarantee a lower margin of error. Orders delivered within 24 hours.
Service level higher than 97 % on all products listed in the company's Comprehensive Catalogue.
Our network of professionals specialised in the sector comprises more than 60 highly experienced sales representatives.
6 Cash&Carry offers our clients the option of purchasing in person from one of our facilities.
More than 100 M € annual turnover.

In CSP, strict quality controls are carried out by independent laboratories, which provides more security and confidence to the user. CSP even has an extensive voluntary Product Liability Insurance Policy to respond adequately to any incidents that might occur with any of your stationery and office supplies.

CSP mainly faces four challenges:

(1) How to match the corresponding "office cleaning series" in stationery.
(2) How to ensure that an effective and reliable solution is provided.
(3) How to keep related products and quality matching.

The YG new solution
In 2013, CSP began to look for a better partner and corresponding solution in China. After comprehensive research on market products, CSP chose YUEGAO as their supplier at the Canton Fair. After passing the factory inspection, the stainless steel trash can, soap dispenser, paper towel rack series and plastic trash cans, and cleaning tools series were confirmed. Started a long-term cooperation.

(1) One-stop service
The higher the solution brings many benefits to CSP. One of them is that the higher the solution is very easy to use. Match different products to different customers of CSP: high-end or economical, more choices. The excellent solution makes CSP's procurement in China easier and more direct.
More importantly, compared with the original suppliers, the higher the solution provided can be more stringent product quality control, more product choices and more economical purchase quantity matching. Since 2013, the order volume has steadily increased.

(2) Quality assurance and reliability
Another major advantage of Gaogao's solution is the high quality and stability of its products. In fact, when evaluating the feasible solutions of YUEGAO, CSP conducted a series of product inspections. Therefore, economic and durable products and solutions are fundamental to CSP.

(3) Improve housekeeping efficiency
The higher the solution, the higher the work efficiency, and the less trouble facing many factories. In the solution, the simpler and clearer the product and the supporting quality control, there is no need to spend a lot of time on different items and different factories across China like the original system.

(4) Cost saving
The higher the solution obviously saves considerable costs. For example, CSP no longer needs the quantity of each single product to reach a full cabinet. Choosing a higher professional cleaning series also means that each purchase can be controlled, and the turnover of a single product is doubled.
Gao Gao provides strong product support is an important advantage of the new solution. Gao Gao really works with CSP to ensure that all the needs of CSP can be met. CSP comes to the Canton Fair regularly to meet with Gao Gao and strengthen close cooperation with Gao Gao.

In conclusion

The higher the solution allows CSP to increase the quantity and quality of procurement plans, reduce operating costs, and expand various cleaning products. Gaogao's cleaning product series will once again play an important role in CSP's office stationery series.

* Above information comes from customers

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