• Wet Mops Solutions For Zimbabwe
    W*** S** Ltd, has been importing, manufacturing and supplying Cleaning, Matting and Flooring related products that promote safety, hygiene and also provide the opportunity of marketing brands since 2005. W*** S** Ltd is a Zimbabwean registered business licensed to conduct business in the manufacture and distribution of both commercial and industrial Matting/Flooring, Cleaning Chemicals and Cleaning Equipment. Mr.Bright,the sales representatives who comes to China for purchases twice a year, he is the higher-up partner for more than 13 years. The color separation management cleaning system, sometimes called the color recognition cleaning system, is an advanced cleaning management concept, which is mainly used in the cleaning of public areas. It is a concept that has been widely used in various industries in recent years. As an intuitive identification system, it uses different colors to limit the environment and area of application of a certain item to achieve the purpose of better differentiation and management. The color, no matter what purpose it is used for, is a universal language in itself, which can be recognized by anyone using any language. Applying color to the cleaning system will break down any language and communication barriers that may exist. This is very important because it eliminates a certain degree of uncertainty and keeps the cleaning work of the entire team in harmony. The color classification is a more intuitive recognition system. Clean color separation management is to specify the use of fixed color tools for specific tasks or areas. It helps the operator to immediately select the appropriate tools to clean different areas. It is never allowed to mix different areas. Set of cleaning tools to avoid cross-infection of bacteria through cleaning tools. Bright mainly supplies related cleaning products to hospitals in Zimbabwe and is located in Harare, the capital. In the beginning of the cooperation, he and the engineer of Gaogao Cleaning Products (hereinafter referred to as YG) discussed the problems that his team encountered in the hospital property management system at the time, especially the problem of damage caused by disinfectant and color fading. . The hospitals they supply are not uniformly classified in terms of cleaning management. In order to find a suitable solution, Bright and YG conducted a week-long trial of four colors to test whether this new mop can improve efficiency and quality in several areas of the hospital. "We are very satisfied with the higher recommended mop," Bright said after the trial. "It's the functional distinction we used before, and it's cheap and good-quality." Taking the hospital as an example, different colors can be used in different areas to prevent mixing. At the same time, cleaning staff can better perform disinfection and cleaning of cleaning tools after use according to different colors, and organize and save tools. The advantages of classification are explained as follows: 1. C...
  • One-Stop Solutions For Spain
    Customer overview: Who are CSP? They are one of the main manufacturing and distribution wholesalers of stationery and office supplies on the European continent, with presence in Spain, Portugal an France. They manufacture under their own brand, Liderpapel, and they boast the exclusive distribution rights of internationally renowned brands. CSP in figures More than 60 years building trust in the stationery and office sector. More than 340 employees. More than 15,000 products available. More than 30,000 m² of manufacturing, storage and marketing facilities. 4 large logistics centres in Málaga, Guadalajara (Spain), Caudebec and Lyon (France) with automated warehouses that guarantee a lower margin of error. Orders delivered within 24 hours. Service level higher than 97 % on all products listed in the company's Comprehensive Catalogue. Our network of professionals specialised in the sector comprises more than 60 highly experienced sales representatives. 6 Cash&Carry offers our clients the option of purchasing in person from one of our facilities. More than 100 M € annual turnover. Challenges: In CSP, strict quality controls are carried out by independent laboratories, which provides more security and confidence to the user. CSP even has an extensive voluntary Product Liability Insurance Policy to respond adequately to any incidents that might occur with any of your stationery and office supplies. CSP mainly faces four challenges: (1) How to match the corresponding "office cleaning series" in stationery. (2) How to ensure that an effective and reliable solution is provided. (3) How to keep related products and quality matching. The YG new solution In 2013, CSP began to look for a better partner and corresponding solution in China. After comprehensive research on market products, CSP chose YUEGAO as their supplier at the Canton Fair. After passing the factory inspection, the stainless steel trash can, soap dispenser, paper towel rack series and plastic trash cans, and cleaning tools series were confirmed. Started a long-term cooperation. (1) One-stop service The higher the solution brings many benefits to CSP. One of them is that the higher the solution is very easy to use. Match different products to different customers of CSP: high-end or economical, more choices. The excellent solution makes CSP's procurement in China easier and more direct. More importantly, compared with the original suppliers, the higher the solution provided can be more stringent product quality control, more product choices and more economical purchase quantity matching. Since 2013, the order volume has steadily increased. (2) Quality assurance and reliability Another major advantage of Gaogao's solution is the high quality and stability of its products. In fact, when evaluating the feasible solutions of YUEGAO, CSP conducted a series of product inspections. Therefore, economic and durable products and solutions are fundamental to CSP. (3) Improve housekeeping efficiency The...
  • Waste Sorting Solutions For Property Management
    Customer overview: Shaoguan Nanfeng Property Service Co., Ltd. is the largest property company in Shaoguan City, Guangdong Province, China. Founded in 2000, it is affiliated to Shaoguan Nanfeng Group Co., Ltd., and is a private property management enterprise with third-level qualifications. Management property types include residential buildings, shops, office buildings, factories, etc. Residential properties include Dongfeng Garden, Nanfeng Yaju, Nanfeng Bishui Garden, New Century Building, Fengjing Garden, Linjiang Building, Bishuihuacheng, Wangwu Village and other high-end residential properties. Residential district; high-end office buildings include the office building of Shaoguan City Intermediate People’s Court, the office building of Shaoguan City People’s Procuratorate, and the office building of Shaoguan Wujiang District People’s Procuratorate; the factories include Shaoguan Valve Factory Co., Ltd. and the construction of concrete mixing stations in Yuebei Industrial Development Zone. The company has more than 500 employees and provides professional support for various management services. The purpose of Nanfeng Property is to "satisfy customers and reassure owners". Its brand image is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. It is a modern property management service enterprise with scientific management, efficient work, excellent service and full of vitality. The above information is provided by the customer. Special challenges in 2020: Garbage classification focuses on the source, that is, the cultivation of garbage classification awareness. Therefore, to improve the front-end processing of garbage classification is mainly to develop the habit of garbage classification for the main force of garbage classification. As one of the first pilot units of waste sorting in Shaoguan City, it started to implement the “Waste Not Landing” work model for waste sorting, and carried out beneficial explorations for the pilot work of waste sorting in Shaoguan City; starting from 2020, the work model for sorting and putting domestic waste has basically achieved full coverage. Ordinary residents will be released regularly and fixedly on their own initiative. As the leader of the Shaoguan property company, Nanfeng Property needs a corresponding sorting trash can solution to meet the government's work requirements and provide a clean and safe environment for the owners. However, with the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 in early 2020 and China's overall shutdown, Nanfeng Property needs suitable sorting trash cans to help them achieve and maintain high-quality services. It is imminent. Gao Gao Lydia won this service order in early 2020, so Gao Gao and his team need to choose a reliable and durable trash can series to maximize employee work efficiency.
  • Restaurant Solutions For USA
    Polar choose Yuegao for more than 13 years! Polar is a family company founded in 1976 in N.Y. The U.S.A .With a sole purpose to provide healthy, shelf-stable and best-tasting products the world has to offer. They have grown steadily over the years to provide major retailers, wholesalers, and food service customers with the finest products possible at a great value. They are always on the lookout for new and interesting products to satisfy your customers' ever evolving palate and marketplace trends. They have expanded from a cleaning item and so much more. They continue to grow and meet the demands of our customers with the changing times. Their enthusiasm to find outstanding products is inspired by the idea that when they bring in the best they also give the best to their customer. Yuegao is Polar cleaning items supplier when they stared their cleaning part. You can find mop wringer and warning sign at Polar website.
  • Professional Solutions For Chile
    A heart-warming story in winter Gift from Christian from Chile: On the last day of January 2021, we received fresh and full cherries from Shanghai from the enthusiastic Chilean guest Christian, which is especially warm in 2020, when the epidemic has raged all over the world. Christian--PERSON WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CUSTOMERS – HELP THEM FIND SOLUTIONS AND SOLVE PROBLEMS ASIA DIRECT IS A CHILEAN COMPANY BASED IN SHANGHAI Working fast and provide a good service is their goal -- towards the best solution to allow our clients to make the best decisions. Challenges: After a comprehensive evaluation of the innovative cleaning solutions on the market, Christian decided to recommend the Yuegao commercial vacuum cleaner series and a complete cleaning system consisting of a multi-functional scrubber and cleaning cart supporting tools. Streamlined dining sevice cart At the beginning, Christian personally came to Guangzhou to inspect the factory, check the production assembly and testing line, and test the product situation, and then extended the product trial to the stainless steel soap dispenser and tissue holder series, and also obtained satisfactory results. The Chilean buyer from Christian immediately decided, so more than 60 products and accessories were ordered. The reasons to choose the Yuegao's solution A number of factors prompted Christian to make a decision to buy YG cleaning products. Customizable Spanish text description One of the main advantages of YG is complete, high-end quality and economical . Chilean customers can flexibly supply five-star hotels or chain apartments, larger shopping malls, and high-end hospitals. In addition,YG has microfiber wipes of various weights, different grades of sub-regional mops, including the press alcohol sterilizer designed by the hospital, and so on. Special design for outer box Fully loaded with goods is the crystallization of long-term mutual cooperation and trust. There is a saying in China, "The gift itself may be light as a goose feather,but sent from a far,it conveys deep feeling." The little story of Cherries demonstrates the deep friendship between Christian and YG, our partner for many years.
  • Diversified Solutions For Kuwait
    The importance of complete products to the cleaning industry-The largest cleaning company in Kuwait Customer overview: T*****O,Established in 1963, it is one of the leading cleaning service providers in the Middle East with its branches spreading across the region, they complete range of services starting from waste management to commercial cleaning. And it has become one of the leading service providers having earned an excellent reputation in quality and timely delivery of services. They provide  clients a variety of service packages to suit their needs and preferences. Having an exceptional performance in the industry for decades, They has mastered the art and craft of intelligent and detailed cleaning providing efficient and impressive results. In addition, it is also accredited by international institutions. They are a quality driven, ISO certified organization. their service has improved by having met the standards of BICSCs and CMI. They continually aim to progress successfully, relying on their growing experience in the field. Challenge While you do all the talking, we do the cleaning. Do your job well and leave the rest to us. We are sure to take care of you all day, every day. Mission Conduct business in a social and ethical manner that maintains health & safety of employees, clients, and the public, while safeguarding the environment. Proactively develop, promote and evaluate processes, policies and programs that support our vision and HSE strategy in a cost effective manner. Pursue business opportunities, and assure steady growth and expansion. Vision To be recognized as a world-class cleaning service provider committed to lead healthy environment and safety performance. Accreditations received CMI – Cleaning Management Institute BICSc – The British Institute of Cleaning Science ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management Systems ISO 14001: 2004 Environmental Management Systems OHSAS 18001: 2007 Health & Safety Management Systems T***O company has a long history and has a large and professional cleaning service company with a strong team of nearly 1,000 full-time cleaning staff. To manage such a large area and team, guests need a complete set of professional, practical and humanized system solutions. Solution To ensure that the cleaning system solution can meet all their needs, the guests chose a series of products of YG Commercial Products, including cleaning product storage, preparation, transportation and service systems. The guests also chose YG cleaning products for the employees. A one-stop supplier like YG has the largest cleaning product production base in China to provide the ideal solution for the world's cleaning company. " Another reason T****o prefers YG is that it can provide a product portfolio of clean total solutions. It is very complicated to run a cleaning service. It is very important to find a supplier that can provide a total solution. It is the key to make the products reflect each other and integrate with th...

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