The May Day

Apr 29, 2022

The History of Labour Day

Many countries in the world celebrate May Day. This is an international festival, which is jointly owned by the working people of more than 80 countries in the world.

May day, or international workers' day , is set on the first day of May every year.It originated from the workers' general strike in Chicago. On May 1th, 1886, more than 200000 workers in Chicago held a general strike to strive for the implementation of the eight hour working system. After a hard and bloody struggle, they finally won the victory. In order to commemorate the workers' movement, the second international founding conference organized by Engels in July 1889 stipulated that international workers would march on May 1, 1890 and designated May 1 as international labor day.
After the founding of new China, the Administrative Council of the Central People's government made a decision in December 1949 to designate May 1 as labor day, a legal holiday and a national holiday
Britain, France and other European countries have identified may day as labor day. Many countries have a day off, while others put public holidays on the first Monday of may according to the situation. However, unlike most countries in the world, although Italy recognizes the May Day International Labor Day and the government also shows respect for labor, ordinary people do not hold special celebrations and there is no national May Day holiday.
Egypt: known as labor day, May 1 is regarded as a paid holiday. Traditionally, the president of Egypt presided over the official celebration of May Day in Cairo; However, in the case of the president, according to the 2011 revolution and the corruption allegations faced by the head controlled by the state, the National Trade Union Center (Egyptian trade union federation), the celebration in 2011 was organized by independent trade unions (Egypt is an independent trade union federation under the banner of unity), the first revolution since 1952.
United States: as the birthplace of labor day, the time of Labor Day is on the first Monday of September every year. It is a national holiday in the United States. It is a national holiday for one day to show respect for workers.

Significance of May Day:
Through struggle, workers have won their legitimate rights and interests with a tenacious, heroic and unyielding spirit of struggle. It is a historic progress of human civilization and democracy, which is the essence of May Day. Labor is not only about people's health and wisdom, but also about people's happiness and beauty. Labor makes our life rich and colorful, and labor exercises and makes us human beings. The greatness of man lies in being able to work, being able to work and loving work. Life without labor is meaningless, and life that reflects labor is full of happiness.
Workers are the most beautiful people of this era
On the road of struggle, labor is the most glorious

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