Safety should be Everyone’s #1 priority

Aug 24, 2022

                   Safety should be Everyone’s #1 priority

                                                                   —— From Linkedin

Slips and falls are the #1 recorded OSHA violation and are the 2nd leading cause of accidental deaths.

Sure Step IL specializes in helping companies reduce the risk of a slip and fall from occurring on wet surfaces. We focus on reducing injuries, liabilities, and work comp claims.

Sure Step IL also works with residents in reducing a slip and fall from occurring in bathtubs/showers, around pools, and anywhere else a slip and fall might occur in their home!

Sure Step Non-Slip Treatment is a long-lasting chemical that creates an invisible, sophisticated micro tread design into the surface.

Sure Step Non-Slip Treatments are based on sound engineering principles accompanied by a sciential proven and tested formulation developed over many years.

Sure Step Non-Slip Treatments will not change the appearance of the treated material and leaves zero residues, film, or coating! Requiring no shutdown time!

Sure Step Non-Slip Treatments are guaranteed to meet spec for a minimum of 1 year and can increase the DCOF by 200-400 percent.

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