Interlligent Sanitary Toilet Seat

May 29, 2022

interlligent sanitary toilet seat

In fact, the automatic replacement of the seat film is not the toilet, but the toilet lid, because the toilet is equipped with an automatic replacement of the toilet cover, before using a button or reach induction, the seat film can be automatically replaced, so that every user can sit at ease in the toilet.

The working principle is: through the built-in microcomputer to control the rotation of the micro motor, the new film sleeve of the output compartment automatically outputs and accurately rotates the length of a seat, and scratches the used sanitary roll sleeve in the recycling hatch to make it clearly distinguished from the unused sanitary roll sleeve, ensuring that the film is used once, so that every user can sit at ease and go to the toilet.

The use of the toilet requires direct contact with human skin, the user has a sense of hygiene and precaution in mind, and this automatic replacement of the toilet lid is in line with the needs of the user, is a very humanized product. In the past two years, the automatic replacement of toilet lids is more and more extensive, many business places are equipped with this product, can meet the needs of human products is a good product, I believe that in the future this automatic replacement of toilet covers will be seen in more and more places, for the public toilet health escort

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