Industry cleaning Research 2th Nov 2021

Nov 02, 2021

By Yuegao - Cleaning

The price of the cleaning products is expected to rise based on the increasing cost of the raw material and the regulation on limiting the electricity

Recently, China's cleaning products factories took the lead in raising the prices of their hardware products (floor squeegeewidow squeegee) and aluminum products (telescopic rods). The industry predicts that the cleaning products industry is expecting a general rise. The reasons include the rise in the price of raw materials resulted from the costs and the regulations on limiting the power. At present, it is difficult for manufacturers to get the products. Research shows that there are still expectations of increasing price for stainless steel vacuum cleaners and other commodities.

The rise in price was mainly affected by the rise of raw materials and restrictions on electricity

The price of aluminum was 20000 yuan / ton based on the data on October 15, 2021. The rising price of raw materials has brought great pressure to the whole industry. In addition to the pressure from the cost, the capacity of production was restricted by electricity limitation in recent months.

After some suppliers announcing that the factory price of aluminum products (aluminum  MOP) and stainless steel products (stainless steel soap dispenser,Stainless Steel Restaurant Service Carts) would increase by 15% ~ 40%, whether the industry will universally raise the price has attracted market attention. Although the increasing price seems to raise the profit of cleaning products manufacturers, the situation of the high cost may not change in the short term. This means that the cost pressure and production-capacity constraints of the whole industry (including floor scrubber, vacuum cleaners, etc.) may continue.

Product prices are moving towards the high end of the industry as a whole, mainly due to the continuous rise in raw material prices. The price rise of raw materials this year is different from that in the past. It has lasted a long time, and the rising trend has not completely ended yet.

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