Guangzhou Yuegao Family Activity Briefing (20210718)

Jul 18, 2021

It's a brilliant summer day, and it's a perfect timing for the family outdoor activities of Yuegao every year.

With the beautiful sunshine, we set off for the destination with singing and laughing all the way.

After two hours' drive, we arrived at the destination - Yingde Yingxi Jiulong.

Mountains of different shapes are the typical geographic feature of Yingde, and the breeze in the mountains is blowing in the air.

Everyone suddenly feels refreshed and a sense of peacefulness away from the noise of the city.

The warmth of the Yuegao family arises spontaneously.

Photo of Yuegao Family

Bamboo rafts, cruise ships, mountaineering and small trains are the interesting factors in the trip that integrated with the views: mountains, rivers and farmland.

In the undulating mountains and rivers of Yingxi, Yuegao Family enjoys the feast of farm food and completely relax.

With the Plumes of smoke rose gradually, the activity ended successfully in a happy atmosphere.


A beautiful and clean environment is inseparable from the joint efforts and maintenance of everyone.
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Environmental protection is everyone's responsibility.

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