Analysis of floor cleaning scrubber

Feb 23, 2021

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Fully automatic floor scrubbers have been widely used in shopping malls, warehouses, schools, hospitals, restaurants, stores and other places. It is an indispensable electric machine for cleaning the ground. The cleaning concept of replacing manpower with machines has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Fully automatic floor scrubbers

Performance advantages:
Convertible fashion appearance
Hydraulic disc brake system, flexible and reliable braking
48V high efficiency electrical system
Cylindrical 1-3UM filter screen, with a filtering efficiency of more than 95%
Front wheel shock absorption design, filter vibration, stable and comfortable driving
The filter fan duct directly exhausts, effectively preventing dust accumulation inside the machine

The automatic floor scrubber machine not only has strong driving force, high working efficiency and good cleaning effect, but also has many types of automatic washing machines. The high-efficiency cleaning method of the automatic washing machine saves time and effort for large-scale cleaning work. It reduces the cleaning work of cleaning staff, and can also greatly save energy, reduce labor costs, and improve the safety of operations.

(Ride-on floor scrubber)

Automatic floor scrubber machine-the features for cleaning wet floors:

Help us clean the ground faster and better

(Hand-push scrubber. Automatic drive, electronic control)

1. Choose the right absorbent strip, which is the most critical accessory in the water absorption process of the automatic scrubber. The material is very different according to the purpose. Generally speaking, if there is heavy oil on the ground If it is, we should use oil-proof water-absorbent tape, which will not deform after being used on oily ground for a period of time, while ordinary natural rubber water-absorbent tape will change after being cleaned on this ground for a period of time. It has to bend and twist to affect the water absorption effect;

2. If the ground is very dirty and it is difficult to clean it once, we can first lift the squeegee, add an appropriate amount of detergent to the clean water tank, and then only use the function of scrubbing the ground to scrub the ground one or two times first But it does not suck up the sewage after washing. It is best to wait a few minutes after scrubbing, and then turn on the scrubbing function of the machine before washing, so that the extremely dirty floor can be cleaned;

3. Each time you wash the floor, you should turn on the water and brush first, and push the machine forward until the floor is almost reaching the squeegee, then put the squeegee down and turn on the suction motor to absorb water. The advantage of this is that it won’t Suction excessive dust to the air inlet of the water suction motor; choose a suitable scrubbing brush, which is not too dirty for the ground or the ground is somewhat uneven;

The scrub brush we choose for cleaning should preferably be a hard-bristled scrub brush. The difference between this scrub brush and the scrubbing pad is that its bristles can be used when encountering small pits on the ground. The dirt in some small shallow pits is brushed off, but the cleaning effect of the bristles is different from that of the scouring pad, so the hard-bristle scrubbing brush is more suitable for the environment where the floor is not too dirty.

(Hand-controlled floor scrubbing machine, flexible and easy to operate)

Consumers should fully consider a variety of factors when purchasing a floor scrubber, such as product quality, machine cleaning efficiency, and whether after-sales service meets standards and is perfect.

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